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An innovative tech hotel, to bring affordable investment opportunity to every class of people in the society. We came up the concept of a logo and corporate that signifies its core values of class and excellent delivery service. The Enterprise Hotel is built solely on technology advancement, creating a transparent and efficient way for its partners and customers to engage its services.

A single standard room is 35 square meter in size while the deluxe double room is 75 square meter in size.

The standard room cost 30 million naira, while the double deluxe cost 65 million naira.

Blocks refer to portions or parts of a room. Enterprise Hotel rooms are divided into 10 blocks. This is to give investors the option of co-owning a room without the hurdle of full payment. Investors can decide to come together with friends, family and/or co-investors to purchase blocks in the room.

The cost of one block in a standard room is 3 million naira, while the cost of one block in the double deluxe rooms cost 6.5 million naira. The deluxe rooms also feature a mini pool.

You can own an Enterprise Hotel room in two ways. One is by buying blocks in the room, the other is by outrightly buying the room.

Revenue generated from the room will be shared equally within 10 investors.

Investors can withdraw their revenue generated from their room through the mobile App. Select My Room on the App, click Withdrawal, and fill in your details and the amount, to make withdrawal request.

With Enterprise Hotel, you can make your return on investment within 3-4 years, unlike other real estate investment that takes minimum of 15years.

Free internet facilities available to all guests.

Well secured environment. Up to date digital and analog security. CCTV, encrypted key card lock.

70% initial deposit and 30% upon completion.

Service charges of 20% will be deducted from all booking of rooms.

Investors will have access to enterprise hotel App for general updates, monitor their rooms and also withdraw funds.

Recreation Includes; A very wide swimming pool, bar, spa, gym etc. There is a members only free access to the recreational facilities. Investors will also make 50% of revenue generated from the available recreation in the hotel.

Be in control of your room and monitor your investment from the Enterprise App.

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